Spring Planting

By | March 4, 2009
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Spring is such an exciting time.  Usually around this time, in early march  I start planting my lettuce, peas and radishes in my garden.  I was so eager for spring this time that I planted two weeks ago.  Now it is raining so hard that I am sure that the seeds will either rot or get washed away.  You are probably wondering why I would let you know of my mistakes as a gardener.  I guess it is because you might learn from my mistakes.  I know I never do.  I still hope for an early spring and plant early each and every year.  On of my favorite products is walls of water.  They are cylinders that have channels that you pour water into and they stand upright and shape to fit around you r plant.  I set mine up a few weeks before I plan on planting  anything so that they will warm up the soil.  our planting time is usually around the first of May for tomatoes.  I can put in my tomato plants at least three weeks early.  I can start watermelon or squash which are favorites in our family.  I usually buy them at the local garden center, like Lowes or Home depot, but since we don’t have those stores up here I  get them at Gurneys or gardens alive.

Free $20 off your first purchase!

I often shop online because I live in a tiny community that does not always have all the plants that I would like to try.  Most of the online catalogs give a great guarantee.  If the plant doesn’t grow that you have ordered they will replace it for free.  I have taken them up on that and they have been very obliging about sending replacements.  One of my favorite flowers is flax and I have not had much luck with them and so they sent me more.  Hopefully this year will be the year that they will grow as long as all this rain doesn’t kill them.  It’s funny how too much rain is bad for the garden and not enough is bad too.

I looked out the window and I see that the rain is getting a little slushy.    My three boys are hoping for it to start snowing rather than all this rain, because then school will get canceled and they can go play in the snow.  I guess if that happens, I will go online and shop for plants for my garden.

I have decided to go shopping.  That means shopping from all my great catalogs.  I got a catalog from springhill nursery that gave 50 percent off any order no matter how big or small.  Of course I thought  I would start out small, but I am spending around 50 dollars and getting about 15 plants so the deal is pretty good if they all grow.  As you know from my previous blog, I try to save money on gardening and everything else, so I try to never pay full price. Springhill also claims a  100% guarantee, so we shall see.  I have decided to go with a red garden.  I enjoy the reds I have in my garden already and want to expand on them.  some of my favorites are : bee balm, carnations and penstemon.

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