It’s raining again!

By | February 6, 2009
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I love the rain!! I especially know how beneficial it is for us here in California.  We are in another terrible drought, and so I know that every drop is important; but I was hoping to put out my walls of water and plant some tomatoes and peppers.  I love getting plants out early.   

  I always cover up a part of my garden with a tarp so that it won’t be as wet as the rest of the garden during the rainy time.  I then have a chance to go and work the soil and plant radishes, and peas and lettuce at the end of February. 

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I grew up in the Colorado, where spring didn’t come until May.  We never could plant anything until May and then we had to have it covered because frost would come, sometimes even in June.  Now that I am in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I love to plant early and even bring tomatoes to my parents when I visit them in June.

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