By | January 28, 2009
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We had our January thaw.  I  thought that spring might have come early here in the foothills of northern California.  The temperature was over 60 degrees.  My bulbs have started to poke their green tops out of the ground, and the rosebushes are getting leaves on them.  I always start getting so excited for spring to come and I get out my seed catalogs, and dream big dreams, of what to put where.  I  plan much bigger than my little garden will allow me to grow,  especially because I have so many trees and not enough sun to plant everything I want.

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I did put in three fruit trees four years ago, and this year I am hoping a late frost won’t kill everything off like it did last year.   All of a sudden it has turned back into Winter.  It rained for five days straight, and there is ice on the roads and in my koi pond.  Oh well, I can still dream and plan, I just don’t feel like going out there in the cold weather.

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