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It’s raining again!

I love the rain!! I especially know how beneficial it is for us here in California.  We are in another terrible drought, and so I know that every drop is important; but I was hoping to put out my walls of water and plant some tomatoes and peppers.  I love getting plants out early.      I […]

Garden Superstars for Spring 2009

New Plants and Accessories Star in Outdoor Scenes this Spring   (ARA) – From picture-perfect roses to containers that are works of art, spring 2009 promises wonderful color and exciting new products for garden lovers everywhere. “People want shrubs and plants that look great, are easy to grow, are good for the environment and perform […]

Top Ten 2009 Gardening Trends

(ARA) – Americans craving authenticity and fretting over a bleak economy have reinvigorated the trend to grow-it-yourself (GIY). From blueberries to houseplants, GIY is the new mantra as folks turn “back to the future” to simplify their lives while gardening for the greener good. “It’s a resurgence of gardening for the greater good — for […]