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Groceries from the Backyard: A Harvest of Savings

Groceries from the Backyard: A Harvest of Savings (ARA) – The economy is tanking, grocery bills are climbing and food safety scares are on the rise. For the 43 million Americans planning a vegetable garden this spring, growing your own is a matter of dollars and sense. Food gardening will jump 19 percent this year […]

It’s raining again!

I love the rain!! I especially know how beneficial it is for us here in California.  We are in another terrible drought, and so I know that every drop is important; but I was hoping to put out my walls of water and plant some tomatoes and peppers.  I love getting plants out early.      I […]


We had our January thaw.  I  thought that spring might have come early here in the foothills of northern California.  The temperature was over 60 degrees.  My bulbs have started to poke their green tops out of the ground, and the rosebushes are getting leaves on them.  I always start getting so excited for spring […]

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